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We are a family kennel of Bernese Mountain Dog. Our herdsman's daughter Millie Milka of Cerro Grande, (granddaughter of Petit Sauvage Fossum, Ansur great-granddaughter of the Seventh Chamber, Flash Vom Seerauber) and Des Basque Hauste Vernades, imported from France of a prestigious kennel.
Millie, our dog Bootes.

We fell in love with the breed at first sight, his gentleness, faithfulness, love and beauty, we caught and since that time, decided to find our cowherd. At the time of having to Millie, we realized that a herdsman in our lives, not only gave us love and affection, but also brought us new friends, people boyerista, sweet people, friendly and kind .... like the breed. So these lines are dedicated to those people, as Tulio, Carmen and Angel (his parents), who opened the door of his house and heart, Elena (Millie's grandmother, as we call ourselves), who was the care and beside the first 45 days of his life, also for Juan Oribe, Macarena and many more, who were people who taught us to love and respect this breed. To all of them "THANK YOU".

Those with anxiety, sleep, the desire to incorporate a Bernese Mountain Dog to their lives, make no mistake, because there is no way you can repent.

We welcome your comments, your questions with great pleasure that we will help you decide.

Our sincere greeting.